About Ms Taylor

Hello and welcome to my world!!!  For those of you who don’t know me I’m Austin Taylor aka the Coco of porn!!!  Known for my sexy derrière and my wild cowgirl skills I am  happy to be able to provide this blog for you.  If you read thru you will find a variety of posts ranging from fitness to porn to my everyday life experiences.  I wanted to have somewhere my true fans can go to get to know me and what I’m about on and off camera. I hope you follow my blog and enjoy my sexy life..


20 comments on “About Ms Taylor

  1. After reading a few of the blogs I think you should consider writing more or a doing a book. The blogs I read were put together very well.

  2. Hey Austin Taylor.First i say you’re a hot pretty damsel.What about start something the world can remember you with – a clothing lable or whatever.Please i would like to connect…..

  3. Hello ms taylor. I am ceo of stackmodelsinc.com and in partnership with imperialrekordz.blogspot.com. We would love to have you on our site as one of our top models. Please check out our sites, follow us @imillistacks and @ray1_dt and email me back and let me know if we can link up ok. Thanks

  4. Hi there Austin my name is Joseph , I I would just like to let you that you are my favorite. Keep up your good work amazing sexy body I am addicted to your videos n sex .lol

  5. Hey Austin, it was awesome meeting you on the plane last night. You have a new fan now. Hope your trip to Oralndo was worth while. I’ll need to visit you the next time you are in Florida but you’ll need to blog it so the world knows where Ms Austin is being featured! Take care and be good. 😉

  6. I miss you autsin,i want your mind, your .and soul,i want to stroke your mind,heres a little brain food for the mind,i fanasize about that big huge ass, those big tits and that sexy body,i want you to ride my cock tonite,work that dick like none other just me and you 1 on 1 ,just call me your lover!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Please have your manager give me a text, i manage a club in the dc area and need to know price for an appearance. 240-432-5810. Thank you.

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