20 comments on “Austin doing Anal

  1. Austin, I would love to see you in an anal scene!!! It’s totally up to you, however… I get really hard & horny, watching ANY of your movie scenes!!! You fit my perfect vision of what I want in a lover(Petite[5’2″ & shorter], Big Tits & a Beautifully Round Ass)!!!

    I will purchase your anal scene, in a heartbeat!!!

    With Love & Respect,

    Greg Taylor

  2. Whenever you do it AT, can it be interracial anal scene? Probably with L.T? He seems to be the lucky one who gets the best interracial scenes with the hottest stars!

  3. You know once you go there you will not be able to go back. If you have the willpower to only do it a couple of times, then yes but every time I see one go there, they never stop. Ask Ava Addams.

    If you want to practice, I am available.

    and yes I would love to see that big beautiful ass in a scene

    CHEERS and good luck with your decision.

  4. Do it only if you are comfortable with it. I would say practice in your personal life before you let one of those gigantic dicks rock you. My wife tells me that’s what you should do

  5. Would like you the same or more, not less 😛 And I’m positive you’d add more fans if you did it. As Johnny mentioned above, maybe L.T. or even Prince would make for a great scene.

  6. I would LOVE to see you do it! You would definitely widen your fan base. Lot’s of guys (like myself) generally watch porn just for anal. I get plenty of regular sex in my own life but not much anal. You’re one of my all time favorite performers and every time I see a scene of yours posted to a site that I subscribe to I pray it’s finally anal. You have the most amazing body and a PERFECT ass and it’s just a shame not to enjoy it. If you look at the most poular female performers out there they’re almost all very big into anal, (sasha grey, Jada stevens, jessie rogers, bridgette b, etc.) and you’re hotter than all of them. The perfect milf type like you would have far more demand in my opinion if you did anal due to so many milfs not being willing to do it. You’re amazing!

    • And a quick p.s. Mike Adriano would be absolutely perfect for the job. He’d teach you well and make an instant classic with that perfect ass!

  7. Austin, please, your anal scene is all that i was waiting ALL OF MY LIFE!!!! please DO IT!!!!!! i love your body and your pretty face.
    All of your fans arround the world will be please to see all cum inside your ass!

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